FAMILY FEUD​: Brian McKnight Responds To His Kids Who Accused Him Of Abandoning Them (Video)

Brian McKnight took to social media on Saturday to address his children after they publicly accused him of being a deadbeat father who abandoned them.

Brian McKnight Jr. and Briana McKnight took to Instagram and aired their dad out publicly with lengthy posts where they questioned how a man could turn his back on his children and abandon them.

Briana said she hasn’t received a “Happy Birthday” from her dad in years. They both allude to Brian choosing his new family over them.

Peep their posts below.

Brian McKnight Jr
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"Daddy’s little girl" was never really a thing for me. Nobody understands what I’ve been through except for my siblings. Believe it or not, I’m not always the person I seem to be. I’m not always happy and most of the time I’m battling my own demons just like everyone else. I grew up thinking that the things that happened to me and my dad's relationship was my fault. I grew up thinking that he doesn’t want to come to visit me because he doesn’t love me. Constantly put behind other kids that he would call his own while I’m cast into a land far far away in the back of his mind. It sucks knowing that someone else, who’s not even blood related to you comes before you in every single way. It sucks knowing that my phone calls have to go through a stranger I barely know, that my text messages are read without a response, and that my stepmother tells me that they “wish the best for me”. It kills me to know that it’s so hard for me and my siblings to get a word in. Not one word. At a very young age, I was always second place in my father’s heart. Maybe even third, fourth, or fifth, depending on the situation. My father hasn’t called to wish me a “happy birthday” in years and yet I sit by the phone every single year hoping that one day his heart will change. I’m so fortunate that I have two brothers who are father figures to me. Who celebrate me and love me every single day and that we make up the time that we lost. The anger and the sadness that I hold in my heart every day over this is sickening. It hurts knowing that my brothers went through this at my age (and are still going through it) and that my little sister is going through this at her young age. I don’t usually write things like this but I feel like enough is enough and like BJ, I want to share my side of the story. I hope that there’s someone out there that has gone or is going through the same thing. Some teenage girl who deals with this shit constantly who can relate to me and tell her side of the story and know that she’s not alone.

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But, the crooner is telling a different version of the breakdown in his relationship with his children.

Brian McKnight says he didn’t abandon his children – they are estranged. He went on to say how he’s done everything for his kids, but he had to give them tough love and force them to grow up and be responsible instead of relying on him to take care of them financially.

Then, he began to spill tea by sharing his son broke into his house and destroyed his new wedding photos and he caught wind of his daughter allegedly sexing her older cousin and tried to intervene.

Then, he said his daughter’s mother only had a baby by him for money anyway.

Watch below as Brian “Mack-Night” tells his side of the story.

To be fair, disgruntled children always have a skewed perception of a parent who is dishing out tough love.

At the same time, I don’t have too much faith in someone who was accused of domestic violence.

Your thoughts?

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