A man had the time of his life at New York Fashion Week posing as R&B singer Sisqo.

The blonde-haired man sat on the front row, posed for photogs, and hit up the afterparties.

Page Six:

Sham Sisqó, who bleached his hair to mimic the star’s trademark do of the 1990s, was even heard bragging to fashionistas that he had just performed at Meatpacking District celebrity haunt Up&Down until 5 a.m. this week.

But the shady Sisqó was ruffled when he tried to talk his way onto a wealthy New Yorker’s private jet heading to the Caribbean and gave his passport details for the flight, which revealed his name as Gavin Barnes, born in 1986. A source said, “This guy was 13 when Sisqó’s ‘Thong Song’ came out in 2000.”

Reached by phone, Gavin told us, “I never said I was Sisqó. People thought I was him, and that wasn’t cool.” He denied posing as the singer but refused to clarify who he actually is, denying his last name was Barnes.

The real Sisqó, who is currently in Las Vegas on tour, is also on the case of the imposter, posting comments including “Datz not me” on Instagram next to photos of the fake Sisqó at fashion shows.

The singer’s real manager Jeff Allen told Page Six, “Management has no idea who this guy is. It’s flattering, I guess. Thanks for bringing it to our attention … What does his manager look like?”


Homeboy was wildin!

But, I’m still trying to figure out how or why anyone actually thought he was Sisqo…