Faizon Love is adding more steaks to the grill in his ongoing beef with Katt Williams.

During a recent appearance on the “Tom Joyner Morning Show,” Love claimed Katt’s continuous run-ins with the law and outbursts are because of his struggles with being gay.

“I think these burst outs come from when a gay man doesn’t want to just be gay,” he said. “He’s beating these women up. He knows his boundaries. In Hollywood, you can play those games,” Faizon said with his chest!

He also claims Katt’s entire persona was stolen from a man named Mac Minister.

Faizon Love told the TJMS, “I actually feel sorry for him sometimes. Like I said before, he’s not living his true destiny. He’s living this fake gangster life. He got this whole persona from a friend of mine named Mac Minister. He’s a real pimp who tried to do comedy.”

Peep video below.



Faizon better put some RESPECK on Katt Williams’ name!

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