Faith Evans dating Stevie J


Joseline Hernandez was right! Stevie J and Faith Evans are an item!

A few months ago, one of my readers sent me video of Stevie and Faye hugged up in the club, but I just blamed it on the alcohol and kept it moving.

It appears I was wrong. Stevie J is definitely giving Faith the Sleezy Sauce!

The duo have been spending a lot of time together while working on Faith’s forthcoming album and you know how those late nights in the studio go. Especially when the vibe is right and the lights are low.

Antennas went up a few weeks ago when Stevie posted a photo of Faith with the caption, “I brag different.”



Faith Evans pretty much confirmed everyone’s suspicions when she posted a photo of herself sitting on Stevie’s beefcake with the caption, “And what had happened was…”

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