Fabolous may have smoothed things over with Emily B and bought her some new fronts, but a grand jury isn’t having it.

The Brooklyn rapper has been indicted on four felony charges stemming from his alleged attack on Emily in March, where he allegedly knocked out her front teeth.

The charges:

One count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury

Two counts of threatening to kill

One count of possession of a weapon (a pair of scissors)

Each charge is in the third degree which carries a 5-year jail sentence if he’s convicted.

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In June, Fab reportedly took a plea deal that would keep him from serving jail time. But, I’m not sure how this new indictment comes into play in all of that.

Meanwhile…all appears to be well back at the ranch.

Emily B went back to her alleged abuser and they were recently vacationing in Hawaii.

Whew chile…