L.T. Hutton, Kat Graham, Demetrius Shipp Jr., All Eyez On Me Press Conference - Atlanta
Credit: Robin Lori

Demetrius Shipp On Tupac & Politics:

I honestly feel like…and I don’t want to sound crazy. But, I think Pac would have…at some point, tried to run for president.

He wanted to transition out of music and do more films. But, he was always going to be that voice [for the people] because he was born into that.


Kat Graham- All Eyez On Me Press Conference - Atlanta
Credit: Robin Lori

Kat Graham On The Importance Of Supporting ‘All Eyez On Me’:

Like L.T. said…this is not just a movie – this is a movement.

This is a film produced by this man, directed by Benny Boom, with Demetrius Shipp as the lead. This is not a common occurrence in Hollywood.

Yeah, we had a couple of movies. We had ‘Moonlight,’ we had ‘Hidden Figures,’ and we had ‘Fences.’ We get speckles like that.

But, opening weekend – we really need to get loud! We need to show the industry what we are capable of and that we need to tell our own stories and that there is power behind that.

All Eyez On Me opens in theaters on June 16. Watch the trailer.

If you’re a Tupac fan or if you don’t know much about the iconic rapper – go see this film!

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