Evelyn Lozada Breaks Down While Discussing Domestic Violence On 'The Real'

It’s been almost 4 years since Evelyn Lozada was assaulted by her then husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, but the wounds still appear to be fresh.

While co-hosting on “The Real,” the “Basketball Wives” star became extremely emotional and broke down in tears while discussing Kansas City Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill and his history of domestic violence.

Evelyn Lozada said:

Its…my heart goes out to the victim and I know people, please don’t tweet me telling me ‘this happened 4 years ago, get over it.’  It’s something that stays with you forever, okay.  So, my thing, my main concern is, is for the victim.  I just hope that, I know she had a baby from him, right? Or was pregnant. 

That she chose to love herself first.

Honor yourself and do the right thing because we all know, if it happens once, it’s going to happen again.

Watch Evelyn’s emotional moment below.



My heart goes out to Evelyn and every women who has experienced any type of abuse.

Some things stay with you forever. I pray for healing for all who are hurting.