Evelyn Lozada took to Instagram on Tuesday to address victim-blaming domestic violence survivors.

A “Basketball Wives” clip of Tami Roman accusing Evelyn of “fighting” her ex-husband, Chad Johnson, all of the time and lying on him prompted some pretty ugly comments on social media.

Watch the clip below.

Evelyn responded by pulling out the photos (via TMZ) of the injuries she sustained when Chad head-butted her.

The caption read:

The victim blaming culture discourages DV victims from coming forward. The fear of being judged and shamed is enough to make anyone stay quiet and suffer in silence—so coming out is a HUGE deal! Shaming directed at the survivor is just WRONG on so many levels.

The mindset of anyone who would think that the one being abused did something to incite the situation unsettles me! When someone builds up enough courage to speak their truth—they should be believed and supported. And for those that choose to victim blame—pause and think about the inner turmoil and emotional conflict you can potentially cause for the survivor.

For me, as a DV survivor, I chose to use my experience to personally evolve and I’ve learned that there is light at the end of the darkest tunnel. I know that all DV situations are different. In my case, it was the love and support our families and a willingness and concerted effort by both of us to heal; my ex and I coexist, harbor no ill will and have moved forward…
#StopVictimBlaming #DVisReal#ThinkBeforeYouAct #LozadaCares#LivingInMyTruth ??????

See her original post below.