'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Charreah Jackson - Willie Wallace - Melissa Mitchell - Charlene Dunbar

‘Essence: My City 4 Ways’

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending Essence: My City 4 Ways in Atlanta and I had a blast!

The event, presented by Ford, was held at The Garage at Tech Square from noon to 5 p.m.

Saying it was the perfect fusion of delicious food, incredible art, amazing style, and dope music is a huge understatement.

Did I mention the cars? Guests had the opportunity to explore and test drive Ford vehicles including the Explorer, the Mustang, and the Focus!

Essence Senior Editor Charreah Jackson and comedian and “The Real” co-host Loni Love did a fantastic job of co-hosting the event and keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

I especially enjoyed the panel on center stage with chef Willie Wallace, artist Melissa Mitchell, and designer Charlene Dunbar, where they talked about their inspirations, struggles and triumphs as entrepreneurs and creatives.

The event was also filled with surprises including singer-turned-chef extraordinaire Kelis, who popped up and prepared some delicious food for the attendees.

What can I say about Algebra? Her energy and her voice lit up the venue as she performed her hit single, “But You.”

One time for DJ Teknology, who showed out on the one’s and two’s. He kept the crowd rocking with today’s top hits as well as the classic jams that will rock any party. I dipped it low a few times.

The highlight of my day was meeting and chatting with the incomparable creative director June Ambrose. I think she may have had more fun than I did!


See more photos and my recap video of Essence: My City 4 Ways below.

'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Charreah Jackson - Loni Love - Greg Street - Kelis
Loni Love, Charreah Jackson, DJ Greg Street, Kelis
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Kelis
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Willie Wallace
Chef Willie Wallace
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Kiana Dancie
Comedian / “Sister Circle” co-host Kiana Dancie
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Xaviera Bryant - I'na Saulsbery
Xaviera, I’na Saulsbery
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - Kelis - Xaviera Bryant
Kelis, Xaviera
'Essence: My City 4 Ways' - June Ambrose - Xaviera Bryant
June Ambrose, Xaviera



Thank you to Essence and Ford for having me! I look forward to next year’s Essence: My City 4 Ways event!

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