Young Thug- Andre 3000
Prince Williams | Paras Griffin | Getty


Young Thug‘s new album artwork has cause a lot of chatter on social media!

Young Thug Goes Little Bo Peep In Periwinkle Dress On ‘Jeffery’ Album Cover

Some clowned him and questioned his sexuality, while others praised his creativity and fearlessness.

Erykah Badu is definitely here for Jeffery.

Ms. Badu took to her Twitter page to call the album artwork “amazing” and went on to say he reminds her of another “ATLien” she knows. (Hint: Andre 3000)



Andre 3000’s creative and unique style over the years has ranged from brilliant to sometimes bizarre.

Allow me to take you down memory lane for a second…



Do you think Young Thug’s shenanigans are a fair comparison to Andre 3000?