You may recall, after Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” docu-series aired, a list of celebrities who declined to be a part of it was released.

Erykah Badu‘s name was on that list. But, the singer denies ever being contacted to be a part of the docu-series and demanded that Dream Hampton apologize for saying so.

It all started when a fan assumed Erykah’s refusal to be a part of “Surviving R. Kelly” solidified her support for him.

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The “Next Lifetime” singer responded:

That’s not true. I’ve never worked with him, don’t know him personally, and was never asked to be a part of the documentary.

That’s when Dream jumped in and wrote:

I asked Producer T. Farris to contact @fatbellybella to be in doc because I wanted clarity on two things:

1) a quote attributed to her, “No one has done more for Black people than R. Kelly” & 2) what she was thinking when she called him her “brother” at Soul Train Awards.

Erykah told Dream to pull receipts or apologize:

No ma’am. I WAS NOT EVER contacted by anyone to be in the [email protected] You know that’s not true. I wasn’t a necessary component. You had all the right people, the ones close to the situation…But for now, produce this “producer’s” request or… APOLOGIZE. It’s simple.

Dream Hampton had no intentions of apologizing whatsoever! She responded:

Apologize? Are you kidding? Again, you PUBLICLY said he did more for black people than anyone? If you want to apologize for that, fine, apology accepted, on behalf of Harriet and the whole crew. What you meant by calling him your brother from the stage, I’ll never know..

Peep the tweets below….


While chile…

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