Eric Black Jr. , Larry Woodruffe

Eric Black Jr. and Larry Woodruffe have been arrested and charged with capital murder for the shooting death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes.

The news comes as a shocking twist considering the initial suspect was described as a white male driving a red truck, believed to be in his 40’s.

Apparently, when the shooting took place on December 30, the man in the truck was also getting out of dodge for his safety and was assumed to be the shooter.

A tip led investigators to Eric Black Jr., 20, and Larry Woodruffe, 24. Eric admits he was driving a Kia SUV when Larry opened fire killing Jazmine and injuring her family members.

Shaun King took to social media to provide more clarity on the shift in the case.

On this past Thursday, a brave witness came to me to report that Larry Woodruffe and Eric Black, Jr. actually shot and killed 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes and that Jazmine’s mother and family and 4 other eyewitnesses had confused a white man who sped off in his truck as the shooter.

I reported this to the Sheriff immediately, because the witness was so compelling, but the sheriff and I both just could not make sense of it. 4 different eyewitnesses thought the shooter was the white man in the truck. It wasn’t. It was these men. We received so many bad tips, and so much misinformation, it just took us 3 days to solve it after the initial report was made.

Let me tell you the story of the red truck and how it came to be the focus of this investigation. Two men, in a completely different vehicle, pulled up and shot and killed Jazmine Barnes, shot her mother, and injured her sisters. Jazmine and the girls were still in pajamas. Her mother and the girls never saw the shooter. They heard the shots, saw that Jazmine was shot in the head, that her mother was shot, and then looked up and saw this red truck with a white man driving it peeling off.

THREE separate eyewitnesses, each credible, who also heard the shooting, also saw this truck speeding off. I spoke to each of them. They also assumed the white man driving it fired the shots. A brave man even followed the red truck in his own car and got a good look at him. A tow truck driver also saw the truck and got a look at him.

In the meantime, the two men that actually shot and killed Jazmine drove off in a completely different direction through the neighborhood. They each later claimed that they thought they were shooting someone from a rival gang. Yes, they did it. No, they weren’t framed.

It just took several days to solve it.

It be your own people.

Thank you to Shaun King and everyone who worked diligently to bring these men to justice for the killing of Jazmine Barnes.

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