First, Waka Flocka came for President Obama. Then, Lil Wayne blew off the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, Eric B. and Rakim are supporting Donald Trump?!

Hip Hop fans were left in shock when the official Twitter account for Hip Hop’s iconic duo, Eric B. and Rakim tweeted it’s support for the Republican presidential hopeful.

The tweet read, “Hillary ain’t speaking the truth. Trump is a business man. What American needs is @EricB in the Presidential Cabinet as the Secretary of….”

Early Sunday morning, the account sent out a tweet that read, “We’ve taken back command of our twitter. Thanks for your help @Twitter @Support.”

The account also tweeted, “Funny, Eric B and Rakim is trending 5th in the world on twitter and we will not be voting for Trump, that’s what you better know.”

I have to be honest and say all of this smells like a publicity stunt. Especially when this happened:

Now is not the time to be playing about voting with your old album titles.

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