Original En Vogue member Maxine Jones is drowning in debt and a federal judge has given her bank the go ahead to begin foreclosure proceedings on her Palmyra, Virginia home after she failed to make her mortgage payments.

On December 18, 2014, the 53-year-old singer filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy claiming to have $298,900 in debt and only $172,000 in assets.]

According to theJasmindBrand.com, Maxine debt consisted of $212,000 for her home, a private school bill of $32,000, $17,000 in attorney fees, $22,000 in taxes for the state of California, $2,000 in Virginia taxes, an $800 phone bill, $440 T-Mobile bill, and a $539 Victoria’s Secret bill. Max got all the hottest lingerie.

After missing her October and November mortgage payments, the bank took Maxine Jones to court. Last month, the judge granted the bank’s motion to terminate the home’s stay and gave them the green light to begin foreclosure proceedings.

Last year, when the media began reporting on Maxine’s financial troubles she responded by posting she was “Broke Not Broken.”

Back in 2012, Cindy Herron and Terry Ellis filed a lawsuit against Maxine and Dawn Robinson seeking $1 million in damages after they learned the duo was still touring and doing shows as En Vogue after the group broke up. A judge sided with Cindy and Terry and granted them the exclusive rights to the En Vogue name, but the million dollars was scrapped.

DIVIDED: En Vogue Settles Lawsuit, Maxine & Dawn Lose

It’s very heartbreaking to see what En Vogue has become and the struggles of certain group members.