Empire lawsuit

Here we go again! (DMX voice)

The good folks over at “Empire” have been slapped with yet another multi-million dollar lawsuit from someone claiming the hit series stole their story.

Via TMZ:

A guy named Jon Astor-White is suing EPs Danny Strong and Lee Daniels — as well as Imagine Entertainment and 21st Century Fox — claiming he shopped around a show called “King Solomon” back in 2007 … which bears a lot of similarities to “Empire.”

Astor-White claims his show would have starred Richard Roundtree (Shaft said no thanks) and was about a record executive and his family and their battle over control of the company.

Astor-White said he faxed the treatment around, and included a proposed cast list which was aspirational, to say the least. In addition to Roundtree, Astor-White wanted Diahann Carroll, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, John Goodman, George Hamilton and Angie Dickinson.

After doing a little digging, I discovered Jon Astor-White loves to sue people for “stealing” his ideas.

In 2000, Jon sued the Tropicana hotel-casino, five officers, an entertainment law attorney and the NAACP, alleging they conspired to steal his plans and ideas for a Las Vegas entertainers Hall of Fame event.

Jon Astor-White better get in behind all of the other frivolous lawsuits.

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