Emily B‘s father is willing to testify in court on Fabolous‘ behalf.

The rapper was indicted on four felony charges stemming from a domestic violence incident earlier this year, where he allegedly knocked out Emily’s front teeth.

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Video of Fab branding a pair of scissors while lunging at Emily and her father and threatening them surfaced online.

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But, according to a source, Fabolous and Emily B’s father have become closer than ever since the incident and he’s even willing to raise his right hand in court for him.

This revelation further supports the rumors that Em and Fabolous have tied the knot since they reconciled and she got her teeth fixed.

When the couple attended Pusha T‘s wedding in July, Fab joked about feeling pressure to get married.

I guess for those of you wondering how Emily could stay with an abusive man…look at her daddy. He’s okay with it.