A model/dancer by the name of Eliza Reign took to social media on Saturday night to announce she’s [allegedly] pregnant with Future‘s 6th child.

In her Instagram dissertation, Eliza said she’s been dealing with Future off an on for over two years and he has always been an upstanding guy – that is until she told him she was pregnant.

Initially, she says Future didn’t trip. He just casually suggested she abort the baby and he’ll take care of it. As time passed, he became a bit more aggressive about the abortion and she agreed.

Eliza says she made the appointment but backed out of it after her doctor brought to her attention that she’s already in her 30s, she’s already a high-risk pregnancy and the damage from an abortion may ruin her chances of ever having another pay day child.

That’s when she says Future snapped, threatened her and now he’s allegedly put a bounty on her head.

Eliza Reign says she’s terrified and is going public with her pregnancy to protect herself from harm.

Read her full announcement below.

If she is truly pregnant (by Future or anyone else) I wish her a safe pregnancy.

As far as Future being the child’s father – if you lay down with dogs…you’ll get up with fleas.