Eliza Reign Gives Birth To Future's Alleged 6th Child

Remember Eliza Reign?

She’s the model who claimed to be pregnant by Future and said she was in fear for her life because he allegedly put a bounty on her head for refusing to abort the baby.

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Well, she’s given birth to a baby girl and she’s ready to live her best life with her little bundle of joy.

In a post on her Instagram page, Elize Reign opened up about her journey to motherhood.

Read the full post below.

This pregnancy was absolutely the toughest, most humbling, yet beautiful experience of my life. I went through hell and back. Health complications seemingly from day one. Lost friends, money, opportunities, and even some of the little bit of sanity I thought I had ?.

However, this journey taught me to be more understanding, observant, forgiving, and most importantly PATIENT ?. There were times I felt so alone and would look down at my belly and immediately cheer up, knowing she’s hanging in there with me through all of the stress and drama.

She’s truly been my protection and kept me strong and going. There were moments I began to doubt myself, but my spirit wouldn’t stay down, thanks to my beautiful little girl. Her annoying kicks would always be the reassurance I needed to make it through the tough days.

Knowing what I know now and after looking back on my experience, I can confidently say she was well worth all the chaos. From the moment I decided to keep her, I promised myself and God that I’d show her unconditional love and teach her to be 3x the woman I am.

And that’s a promise that will never be broken. I’m super excited and blessed to get a chance to love and guide this little one. I can’t stop crying tears of joy when I look at her. Thank God we made it ❤️

See Eliza’s original post below.




Future hasn’t made a peep about his alleged newborn daughter.

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