Kyiomi Leslie took to social media earlier this week and said the truth would come out about what really happened the night she and Bow Wow were arrested.

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She wrote:

It’s sick that most of the hate is coming from women who have daughters…

When the truth comes all the way out. I want these ‘celebrities’ & females who backing this shenanigans to keep the same energy.

Now, TMZ has released surveillance video from the elevator on the night of the incident that shows Bow Wow being mad aggressive and at one point forcefully snatching something (possibly a key) out Kiyomi’s hand before getting up in her face and berating her.

He was so wound up that one of his friends lowkey stood guard in an attempt to block him from going too far.

Kiyomi remained calm during the elevator ride.

But, from the looks of Bow Wow’s mugshot…at some point, she met his energy that night!

Watch the clip below courtesy of TMZ.


Kiyomi Leslie’s 911 call was also released this week.

Take a listen below.

Your thoughts?

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