People are calling for a boycott of RyanAir after a passenger posted a video of an elderly black woman being verbally abused by a racist white man on the flight who did not want her seated near him.

The flight was preparing for takeoff from Barcelona to Stansted on Friday afternoon when the man began causing a scene and berating the 77-year-old woman referred to as Ms. Gayle.

The POS threatened to push Ms. Gayle out of her seat if she didn’t move and went on to hurl a number of insults at her including calling her an “ugly black bastard.”

Flight attendants and other passengers attempted to intervene and at one point Ms. Gayle’s daughter confronted the man.

Ms. Gayle eventually requested to be seated with her daughter.

At no point was the aggressive and threatening racist removed from the flight even after his egregious behavior.

Watch the clip below.



It was only after the video of the incident went viral on social media that the budget airline has reported the matter to Essex Police.


Loni Love became emotional as she talked about the incident on “The Real.”



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