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The man who believed he was the father of Chris Brown‘s daughter, Royalty, is still very active in the baby’s life.

In a new Instagram post, Brazil shared a photo of himself and Royalty with the caption, “Been A Dad Still A Dad ..Minus All the Nonsense That Been Going On We Still Kick It ..Still Keep It Cool #MyStank.

When TMZ broke the news that Chris Brown was the father of the beautiful baby girl, Brazil, who had been there from day one, was completely devastated.

**UPDATED** Is Chris Brown The Father Of A 9-Month-Old Baby Girl?

On an Instagram page he dedicated to Royalty, he wrote:

The saddest day of my life. This lil girl meant the world to me. I been there through everything. I was told this was my child. How can this be happening? A man just steps in and take over what I built…what I lived for. I dedicated my whole life to this family. Now, everything is gone. Y did this happen to me? Now, I lost my lil girl for good.

It looks like he hasn’t lost his “lil girl.”

In another post, Brazil said his bond with Royalty is “unbreakable.”


Brazil - Royalty Brown - Chris Brown


Unbreakable Bond… You Will always Be In My Heart Precious From The FirstDay You Were Born…You Deserve This Whole World It’s Yours…At Heart I’ll Always Be Your Dada

Chris Brown is reportedly trying to convince Nia Guzman to move to LA so that he can be closer to Royalty. If she decides to take Breezy up on his offer I’m sure it will be very hard on Brazil.

What a messy situation. The poor baby is probably confused about who her father is.

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