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Dru Hill Gets Clowned Over Poorly Photoshopped Promo Pic – Peep The Tweets!

Dru Hill gets clowned on Twitter over their poorly photoshopped promo pic featuring their two new members. See the photos and peep the tweets.

Dru Hill Photoshop Fail

When Dru Hill released their new promo pic announcing Jawann “Smoke” Peacock and Benjamin “Black” Bush of the 90’s R&B trio, Playa, had joined the group the last thing they were expecting was to get clowned over the photo.

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A few Twitter friends with a keen eye noticed some pretty horrible photoshop fails – including Sisqo‘s claw hand and Smoke’s shoes and they had a field day with it.

Peep the tweets below.

Sisqo didn’t address the shoes, but he dropped this tweet in response to the horrendous photoshop fail of his hand:

Your thoughts?

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