Ashanti - Let's Go video - Drink Up Ashanti


Ashanti has partnered with Drink Up and First Lady Michelle Obama to encourage her fans to drink more water in the coolest way ever!

The 35-year-old R&B star has released a “dehydrated” version of her new single, “Let’s Go” along with a “dehydrated” interactive music video.

Fans can give Ashanti water by tweeting #DrinkUpAshanti.

The aggregated tweets using the hashtag will cause the single and video to evolve from low-tech quality into a sharper sound and video experience.

The singer didn’t reveal exactly how many tweets it will take to unlock the high-quality versions of her single and video, but the idea is absolutely dope. Once Ashanti is fully hydrated it will also unlock the single on iTunes for purchase.

Check out the video and single on page 2.