Dramma Michele vs. Beyhive


Less than a week into the new year, Draya Michele is shutting down rumors she was forced to delete all of her tweets by Beyonce’s online legion of goons known as the Beyhive.

Apparently, someone dug up a tweet Draya sent out almost five years ago where she called Beyonce “wack” because she never kisses JAY Z publicly and she accused the superstar of wearing hip pads.


Draya Michele tweet about Beyonce

According to Draya, she used an app to delete all of her tweets days ago.

She also expressed her disappointment in people believing she allow others to force her into deleting all of her tweets.

Draya vs. Beyhive Draya vs. Beyhive-1

Whether or not the Beyhive motivated Draya to delete all of her tweets is up for debate. However, it’s very unusual for someone to swipe their entire account clean.

Here’s my guess…Draya is in a totally different place in her life and we all know she’s said a lot of things that could come back to haunt her in one way, shape, or form. So, maybe she decided to swipe her Twitter slate clean to avoid anymore trips down memory lane in her timeline.

Hopefully, she will forward to app to Iggy Azalea.

Photos: Instagram | Twitter