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Draya Michele Is Over Her Son’s Homework

The first rule of parenting is you move heaven and earth to make sure your child(ren) have everything that they need including your time and your help.

Draya Michele caught a bad one on Thursday when she took to social media to tell her fans about how sick and tired she is about helping her son, Kniko, with a 4-minute speech he has to memorize and recite.

Apparently, the assignment requires Draya to sign a sheet daily confirming Kniko has recited the speech aloud five times.

Draya complained about having to sign the sheet 18 times over the Thanksgiving break and at this point she says the teacher is harassing her by forcing her to sign the sheet.

So, she decided she is not going to sign the sheet despite the fact that Kniko will not get the points he needs for completing his daily task.

Draya Michele noted, “It’s not my damn homework.”

See her post below.

Draya Michele Complains About Helping Her Son With His Homework

While I understand that our kid’s assignments can sometimes frustrate us (especially when I don’t understand the work), only a sorry @$$ parent would refuse to do their part to help their child.

Needless to say…social media swooped down on Draya like flies at a barbecue.

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