Drake‘s daddy, Dennis Graham, took to social media on Wednesday afternoon and blasted Wendy Williams for her commentary on Pusha T‘s scathing diss track aimed at his son.

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Here’s a little peek of what Wendy had to say:

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Mr. Dennis called Wendy a “RuPaul Drag Race Looking Bih” and advised her to do her homework before she gets on the air talking about him and his son.

He added that he as “lost all respect” for her and advised her to watch how she speaks on his name.

I had come to actually finally like Wendy Williams and watch her show it grew on me.

Here’s the game changer, It’s very informative when you listen to a talk host report a story that they’ve actually researched and share it with their audience but this Rupaul Drag Race Queen looking B#+##^ has stepped out of her lane,You know nothing about Drake or Myself.

Do your research before you try and be funny to your 79 capacity audience, Rupaul Jr WATCH HOW YOU SPEAK ON OUR NAME!!!!!!!! I lost all respect for you today!!!!

Yikes! See the original post below.

I wonder if he was sipping on Virginia Black when he wrote this….

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Why Mr. Dennis popping off on Wendy, but ain’t say nothing to Pusha T?