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Xaviera & Dr. Aisha Baron

Dr. Aisha Baron Of “Atlanta Plastic”

On Monday, I had the pleasure of having brunch with Dr. Aisha Baron of Lifetime’s hit series, “Atlanta Plastic.”

Over the course of our fun, informative, and delicious 2-hour brunch at Cafe Intermezzo’s in Atlanta, Dr. Baron shared what inspires her as a surgeon.

My patients inspire me. I really like improving their quality of life and really getting them to appreciate their bodies even more.

So, that really inspires me to continue to do that for the next patient…to make positive impacts on people’s lives.

Dr. Baron was also kind enough to answer questions from our ICCers submitted via our Facebook page about everything from liposuction to Brazilian butt lifts!

Watch below and get the scoop.




Not only is she an amazing doctor…she’s an awesome person!

Be sure to tune in to the season 2 finale on Wednesday, June 15 at 10/9c on Lifetime and follow Dr. Baron on Twitter and Instagram.

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