Dot Da Genius - Jhene Aiko

Dot Da Genius Speaks Out

Jhené Aiko‘s soon-t0-be ex-husband, Dot Da Genius, is breaking his silence to defend his character.

Speculation and allegations have been running rampant after Dot and Jhené’s marriage dissolved faster than a Listerine strip.

The singer was accused of having an affair with Big Sean and she, in turn, told her fans Dot abandoned their marriage and was abusive.

Jhené Aiko On Her Divorce From Dot Da Genius: ‘He Jumped Ship A Long Time Ago’

In a post on his IG page, the producer said he tried to keep it cute, but he was compelled to speak out in response to the slander.


Dot Da Genius Releases Statement Denying He Was Abusive Towards Jhené Aiko


The judge needs to hurry up and stamp this divorce petition so both parties can skedaddle.

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