Don Lemon recently attempted to interview the grief-stricken brother of Stephon Clark, the 22-year-old unarmed man who was shot 20 times by Sacramento police and killed in his grandmother’s backyard.

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Stevante Clark was extremely emotional after attending his brother’s wake prior to the interview.

When Don asked how he was holding up, Stevante refused to answer. He simply sat silent for a moment, then he rang a bell.

When Don Lemon questioned what the bell ringing meant, Stevante replied, “Next question.”

It only got worse from there. When Don realized he had lost control of the interview he simply terminated it.

Watch below.

During an other interview with CNN, Stevante told the hosts to keep their sympathies and condolences – what he needs is their prayers.

Sources close to the family say that Stephon’s body was so badly mutilated by the bullets that they were unable to perform a ritual washing of his body.

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Please keep the Clark family uplifted in prayer as they fight for justice for Stephon.