Safaree Samuels show on VH1

Does Safaree Samuels have a show coming to VH1?

Safaree Samuels is working hard to step out of his ex-girlfriend’s shadow and establish himself as a rapper and his own man.

On Wednesday, Scaff Beezy posted a photo of himself at the VH1 office and hinted to a forthcoming show.

For the record, Safaree says he’s not joining “Love & Hip Hop” (like Remy Ma and Papoose).

So there’s this Man above called God I pray to…Last thing I checked he ran the world… Not humans.. 🙏🏽 #blessed #2coast1day #STUNTGANG #andnothisaintLovenhiphop #iwouldnever #nothingwrongwithitbutitaintme #mysh*t #no1elses #Wouldyouwatchmyshow???

It’s crazy how people act like Safaree Samuels should disappear off of the face of the earth now that he’s no longer with Nicki Minaj.

He’s still a human being and deserves the opportunity to pursue his goals and dreams.

I’d tune in to his show as long as it isn’t any tomfoolery. Would you?

Photo: Instagram

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