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DMX has been sentenced to one year in jail for tax fraud.

The rapper took a plea deal for failing to pay $1.7 million in taxes and prosecutors were seeking a 5-9 year sentence.

Via Reuters:

Before being sentenced, Simmons said he was sorry for having failed to pay taxes. His lawyer also played part of Simmons’ 1998 song “Slippin’” in the courtroom, describing difficulties he has faced.

“They put me in a situation forcing me to be a man/ When I was just learning to stand without a helping hand,” Simmons raps in the song.

His lawyers had argued in court filings that a difficult upbringing left Simmons unprepared to deal with the responsibility that came with financial success.

Prosecutors said he avoided taxes between 2000 to 2005 by shifting money among accounts belonging to managers and associates, hiding millions of dollars he earned from hit songs, including “X Gon’ Give it to Ya” and “Where the Hood At.”

Simmons, 47, was arrested in July. He has been in jail since January, when Rakoff revoked his bail after he failed a drug test and traveled to St. Louis without a court-mandated drug counselor.

Prosecutors said Simmons avoided taxes for years by living a cash-only lifestyle, depositing royalty checks in various bank accounts belonging to other people. When he pleaded guilty, Simmons said that those accounts were held by multiple managers, his ex-wife and one of his children’s mothers.

While I hate that he will be in jail for a year – it could have been a lot worse.

Hopefully, DMX will get the help that he needs to get his life back on track for himself and his 15 children.