DMX - Tashera Simmons

DMX Is Making Amends With Tashera Simmons

It’s never too late to mend a broken relationship and that’s exactly what DMX is doing with his soon-t0-be ex-wife, Tashera Simmons.

The former couple has been through hell and high water together. But, when their marriage went sour it was bad…really bad.

The good news is the troubled rapper appears to be on a different path this year.

DMX, born Earl Simmons, shared this photo of himself and Tashera after they appeared in court to smooth out their divorce with the caption, “Making amends.”

Via TMZ:

X and Tashera hugged it out Thursday outside a New York courthouse … not the norm for a couple on the outs after meeting with lawyers and a judge, but we’re told it’s because they’ve raised the white flag on the money situation.

A lot of it has to do with X being in and out of jail the past year. He also blamed his old manager for messing up previous child support payments.

Truth is … X’s income has changed drastically for the worse and Tashera’s agreed to wait until his lawyers figure out his current revenue before striking a divorce settlement.

Tashera’s been getting $5k a month up until now … so it could be a gamble.

This is wonderful. Hopefully, X will also be able to repair his relationship with his eldest son, Xavier.

Nothing is more important than family.


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