When DMX announced he was entering a rehab facility for treatment, there was an overwhelming amount of support for him.

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There were also folks who were disappointed by the news and others who judged the rapper for relapsing again.

Well, we now know X didn’t relapse – he was actually being proactive and entered treatment because he feared he would relapse again.

TMZ reports:

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ … one of X’s kids is very sick — in and out of the hospital — and the stress of that coupled with the pressure of performing again made him feel tempted to use.

We’re told X knew he needed help trying to balance his home and work life without the use of drugs, so he preemptively checked himself into rehab — hoping to learn how to deal with his issues moving forward.

Our sources say he knows a relapse could jeopardize his freedom, and wants to stay out of jail so he can support his family and friends — while still performing for his fans.

DMX is still on probation…so he’s tested regularly for drugs. If he came up dirty, he would end up back behind bars – and no one wants that.

I wish him well as he fights to maintain his sobriety.

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