D.L. Hughley weighs in on Lamar Odom.

One thing that I love most about comedians is their ability to find the humor in everything.

D.L. Hughley, one of the original Kings of Comedy, recently weighing in on Lamar Odom‘s miraculous turnaround during his radio show.

The NBA star, who was fighting for his life a week ago, has now been moved to Los Angeles to begin rehabilitation for a suspected drug overdose.

Now, that Lamar is out of the woods, D.L. told his listeners:

How did he go from my organs are failing to talking and texting?

A lot of people are ascribing it to a miracle. Everybody saying, ‘Oh, it’s God and prayer.’

Maybe prayer works, but I know nothing will snap your a** out of a coma faster than your ex-wife making medical decisions.

When that ex-wife is a Kardashian – he woke right up! He said, ‘Doc, all I needed was a nap and some Pedialyte. I’ll be damned if you gone liquidate my money to give it to French Montana to make another horrible CD.’

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