DJ Keke Thomas Breaks His Silence On Getting Drugged & Raped

Zeke Thomas, the 28-year-old son of NBA legend Isiah Thomas, is opening up for the first time about being drugged and raped by a man he hooked up with on Grindr.

In an interview with New York Mag, Zeke detailed the assault that took place last year while he was living in Chicago and said “it was literally like with Bill Cosby.”

We had chatted on Grindr, and I had invited him to come by my studio since he was a singer. Nothing against Grindr. I’ve met great people on Grindr, I’ve had sex with great people on Grindr. I can’t blame an app. But you don’t know sh*t about people you meet on it.

He seemed like a great guy. We hung out at the recording studio. And then a couple of days later he said, let’s go to Boys Town (a popular spot for gays) for a drink.

All I remember is … getting in the cab. I know that I got drugged. I knew probably the moment that it happened because something didn’t taste right. But I didn’t think about it. I just didn’t think about it.

It was literally like with Bill Cosby. When those women were like: ‘I woke up and he was fixing me breakfast or whatever.’

I woke up and he was handing me a glass of water and saying, ‘That was great let’s hang out again.’

My ass was destroyed. Destroyed. I’m bleeding and I’m just like — terrified. I can’t move. I didn’t move from my apartment for two days. I didn’t move. I didn’t talk to anybody. I froze.

Zeke went back to Grindr to find the guy had either blocked him or deleted himself from the app.

Following the assault, Zeke Thomas went into a downward spiral.

“I started getting into drugs and I started telling people when I was high. But they’re high too. They don’t want to talk about this sh*t,” he said.

He eventually told his parents and they got him to a doctor and in treatment.

Zeke now stars in sexual assault prevention PSA. He recently stopped by “Good Morning America” to chat with Robin Roberts about it.

Watch the clip below.

I commend Zeke for speaking out and telling his story. It may prevent someone else from being assaulted.

Your thoughts?

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