DJ Envy G-Checks Desus & Mero For Making Comments About His Wife & Walks Out Of The Interview (Video)

DJ Envy offered a hefty dose of what Charlamagne calls “Beige Rage” during their interview with Desus and Mero on Thursday morning.

Apparently, Envy was in his feelings about some of the commentary the duo made about he and his wife’s appearance on “The Real.”

See the clip below.

Desus joked that Gia Casey only stayed with Envy because of his money.

Envy was mad aggressive when he demanded an apology from Desus, who was taken aback, but willingly gave it without hesitation.

When Charlamagne tried to lighten the mood with jokey jokes, Envy got even more upset and walked out of the interview.

Watch the highlight reel below.

Watch the full interview below.

While I think it’s noble for Envy to stand up for Gia and demand she be respected as the Queen of the Casey Castle….he should have kept that same energy when he was sleeping with Erica Mena behind her back.

Just saying…??‍♀️

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