K. Michelle and Jaguar Wright aren’t the only R&B singers beefing in these internet streets. Now, we’ve got divas airing each other out.

Cheryl Lynn, best known for her hits like “Got to Be Real,” “Encore,” and “If This World Were Mine” with the legendary Luther Vandross, blasted Anita Baker because the soulful singer blocked her on Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Cheryl went from questioning why her longtime friend would block her to shading the “Sweet Love” singer’s vocals.

Anita Baker remained as quiet as a church mouse and acted as if Cheryl Lynn didn’t even exist.

But, she did post a few quotes on her page that could be interpreted as classy shade.

Cheryl Lynn loved the attention from the drama and used it to promote her music and to create an awareness of her receipts for new fans.

It wasn’t long before another diva, Jennifer Holliday, stepped in and asked Cheryl Lynn to keep it pushing if Anita Baker has blocked her out of her life.

Chile…what a mess!