Diddy Reaches & T'yanna Wallace Reconcile Now 'Everything Is Love'

Diddy Reaches & T’yanna Wallace Reconcile Now “Everything Is Love”

Communication is the key to resolving most issues.

On Wednesday, Biggie‘s daughter T’yanna Wallace aired Diddy out for not giving her ONE ticket to her father’s tribute concert and lying about taking care of her family.

Biggie’s Daughter T’yanna Wallace Blasts Diddy – ‘Puff Does NOTHING For My Family!’

The good news is after the story spread faster than my hips after Thanksgiving dinner, Diddy reached out to T’yanna and the two talked it out. Now…”everything is love.”


Diddy even gave her tickets to the show!



I’m glad their issues were resolved.

Sometimes you have to call people on the carpet to get a resolution.

Your thoughts?

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