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Diddy took to social media on Monday to reveal MTV has approached him with the idea of rebooting “Making The Band.”

MTB was a reality TV competition where singers and rappers competed for a chance to be a part of a super group that would be signed to Bad Boy Records.

The show is responsible for giving us acts like O-Town, Da Band, Danity Kane, Day26, and Donnie Klang.

Puff expressed some concern over hopefuls not being able to handle his technique for molding and shaping superstars. Then, there’s his hectic schedule to consider.

So, he’s turning to the public to see if there is any real interest in the show returning.

I’m sure Day 26, Da Band, and Danity Kane would advise everyone to stay far away from this show.

But, what do you think? Should Diddy bring back “Making The Band?”

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