Damon Dash on The Breakfast Club


On Friday, Damon Dash and company stopped by “The Breakfast Club” to promote his new video-on-demand movie, Loisaidas, but the morning show crew got much more than they bargained for.

It’s no secret Dame is an extremely arrogant and oftentimes obnoxious dude, but the way he showed out during his interview with Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee literally left me with my jaw swinging like Bobby Brown in the 90’s.

I was already on a High Shenanigan Alert when Damon Dash arrived for the interview with his dog…nooo not his homeboy..a real four-legged dog, who cried under the studio desk during the beginning of the interview.

My Spidey senses were right! During the hour-long interview, Dame blacked out when they asked him about JAY Z, he insulted the working class for having a “boss,” he engaged in a very aggressive confrontation with DJ Envy, he called Charlamagne “Chatty Patty,” he called out Spike Lee for refusing to work with him, and he told “The Breakfast Club” they sell gossip.

And in the midst of all of that tomfoolery…he offered them some cookies to eat.

Watch the shenanigans unfold below. Trust me when I say you’ll want some lightly buttered popcorn and a cold pop (Sweet Brown voice) before you watch this interview.



One more thing…I watched Damon Dash’s Loisaidas movie and it’s hot unadulterated flamed-broiled garbage. Don’t do it Miss Celie!