Tiny Harris - Zonnique Pullins eye implants


It looks like Tiny Harris may have gotten a BOGO with her controversial eye implant surgery because her daughter, Zonnique is rocking ice gray eyes as well.

PRETTY HURTS: Tiny Harris Gets Implants To Permanently Change Her Eye Color To Ice Gray

When Zonnique Pullins‘ eye color became noticeably different a couple of months ago, we assumed it was contact lenses. There is no way Tiny would let her teenage daughter undergo such a risky surgery. Or would she?

But, it’s starting to look like we were wrong and Nique Nique may have received a new pair of ice gray lookers.

Tiny posted a picture of her first-born daughter on Friday night which led to further speculation that she may have permanently changed her eye color.



Peep a few before and after pics below.







I sincerely hope Tiny Harris‘ daughter, Zonnique is wearing colored contact lenses. She’s too young to make permanent alterations to her body.

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Photos: Tiny & Zonnique