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Nothing sucks worse than having a TSA agent deep dive into your luggage during a security check.

Diana Ross took to Twitter over the weekend to share her frustrations after catching the TSA fade at the airport.

The legendary singer tweeted it “feels like a violation” when a “stranger goes through your personal belongings” and NEVER put things back the way you packed it.

I can’t say that I like it when strangers go through my personal luggage at the airports and then they NEVER put my things back the way I packed them , it feels like a violation . And I know I can’t do anything about it! OUCHES!!!

After venting, Diana added that despite her complaints, she is still appreciative of the airlines and flight staff.

And I’m thankful For being able to fly in these magnificent airplanes and I’m thankful for the pilots and the crews and I’m thankful for all the security that is in place for us. I put my complaints behind and I stay grateful and appreciative for each day.

Peep her original tweets below.


I hate when you get tapped for the full pat down! UGH!

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