Devon Still - Leah Still


God is so amazing!

So many of us have prayed for Devon Still‘s beautiful little girl, Leah Still, who has been battling pediatric cancer for some time.

In January, the NFL baller shared his devastation after learning after all of the treatments and surgeries, his baby girl still wasn’t cancer-free.

PRAYERS UP: Devon Still Shares His Heartbreak After Learning His Daughter Leah Isn’t Cancer-Free

On Tuesday, Devon took to his Instagram page to let everyone know Leah’s doctor said a recent test showed no signs of cancer in her body! *praise break*

That moment you get the best news you’ve ever received and don’t know what to do so you just flex!! We got Leah’s MIBG Scans back tonight and the doctors told us they didn’t see any active disease in her body!!! We still have to wait for her MRI and bone biopsy results later this week. But the doctors feel very optimistic about them because of the results from today. So for now we celebrate!! #LeahStrong #PrayersWork #ThankYouEveryOne #ImSoHappyIFeelNumb #BeatCancer

Words cannot express how happy I am for Leah and her dedicated father. They are the most inspiring dynamic duo ever.

May God continue to bless them.

(Okay. I tried…*wipes tears off of my keyboard*)

Photo: Instagram