Desiigner Completely Cleared Of Drug Charges

Desiigner can move forward now that he’s been completely cleared of all charges in his drug possession case.

Via TMZ:

The D.A. moved to seal the case and dismiss the charge Tuesday in court. Sources connected with the case tell TMZ … this was a face-saving move by authorities who avoided simply dropping the charge … after previously dropping the other charges in his September arrest.

He’d initially been hit with intent to sell, menacing and possession of a loaded gun, but investigators never found a gun and the drugs turned out to be steroids — most likely prescribed to the driver of Desiigner’s SUV that night.

In other Desiigner news…

The 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper is out here trying to prosper!

He’s just signed another major deal on Monday, according to his lawyer, Bob Celestin.

The scoop on the deal is still under wraps, but I’m sure we’ll find out very soon!