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Derek Fisher Sets The Record Straight On His Dust Up With Matt Barnes

Derek Fisher is breaking his silence on getting axed by the New York Knicks and his messy altercation with Matt Barnes at Gloria Govan‘s house last October on The Cauldron.

Fisher began by addressing the rumors surrounding his termination as head coach of the NY Knicks writing:

First, let’s address this idea that I lost my job because of certain “character” or “integrity” issues. Not only is any such insinuation untrue, it’s downright offensive.

The reality is that NBA coaches get fired for all sorts of different reasons. Coaches that have been at it much longer than I have — and have been far more successful than I was — have been fired.

He went on to add:

Unfortunately, when the Knicks made the decision to let me go, some people — particularly certain members of the media — decided to take advantage of what had happened in my personal life, spinning those events as justification for the team’s decision to fire me.

Look, I get it … salacious gossip sells papers and garners clicks, but when you publish outright lies, I have a right to defend myself.

True that. But, most folks only care about getting the tea on his altercation with Matt Barnes at Gloria Govan’s house.

Matt Barnes - Gloria Govan - Derek Fisher

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