Dencia - LisaRaye defamation suit
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Dencia Threatens To Sue LisaRaye For Defamation Over Her Bleaching Cream Remarks

Dencia, singer and owner of Whitenicious skin bleaching cream is threatening to slap LisaRaye with a defamation lawsuit for saying her product causes skin cancer.

Via TMZ:

LisaRaye went on Big Tigger’s radio show to promote her new movie “Skinned” … a flick about a young black woman who uses skin lightening cream to appear whiter. During the interview, she threw shade on Cameroonian pop singer Dencia, who owns a skin care company called Whitenicious.

LisaRaye claimed Whitenicious causes skin cancer. She also claimed people who use the product are left with dark spots on their knuckles and elbows.

Dencia got her lawyer to fire off a demand for a retraction, claiming there is NO evidence Whitenicious causes cancer or creates dark spots on the body.

Dencia is best known for her dramatic transformation…thanks to bleaching cream.

Dencia skin bleaching


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