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Delicia Cordon Expresses Her Gratitude For The Outpouring Of Support: ‘I’m Healing Properly…Mentally is Still A Battle’

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Delicia Cordon took to social media on Friday to express her gratitude for the outpouring of love and support after she was brutally beaten in a home invasion last month.

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In a message posted on her Instagram page, Delicia said she seems to be healing well physically, but emotionally is still a battle.

She also thanked people who defended her against some pretty mean comments and accusations online.

Read her full post below.



Delicia was all smiles as she sent her babies off to school.

She also shared a heartfelt message about being a parent.


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You become your bravest self when you become a parent!

Your life becomes dedicated to molding them into decent human beings. Day by day you’re protecting them, putting their happiness, & well-being before your own!

The love you have for your children is the most sincerest love possible! So when we send them off to the world, we have to prepare them for the reality. The reality that not everyone will like them, they will be judged, & ridiculed, they will get hurt along the way, & sometimes may feel like giving up.

So I’ll teach them from my mistakes. Raise them to know they are braver than they believe, stronger than they seem, and smarter than they think. #BackToSchoolWeGo #YesIsaidWe#WhentheyareinSchool#ItsLikeIminSchoolToo?

I wish her well.

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