Deion Sanders - Pilar Sanders
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Deion Sanders Wins Defamation Suit Against Pilar Sanders

Loose lips sink ships and depletes bank accounts! Deion Sanders is dancing in the in-zone of his attorney’s office after a judge awarded him $2.2 million in his defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife, Pilar Sanders.

The NFL Hall of Famer filed the lawsuit against his former Mrs. on November 24, 2014, in Collin Hill accusing her of “publishing false statements on social media that accuse him of multiple crimes, including child abuse, spousal abuse, assault and attempted murder.”

The suit also included statements Pilar made during an appearance on the O’Reilly Factor where she blasted the NFL culture and alluded to being abused by Deion.

The men are narcissistic and they’re used to people cheering for them any time they walk into a room. They expect that at home, and when they don’t get it, what they’re used to on the field comes home with them. The men are very irritable, they’re very up and down, and the women often are not even aware that they’re in an abusive situation, as I was.

The money Pilar owes Deion will offset the money he owed her from their divorce settlement. She’ll still be on the hook for the seven figure balance.


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