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Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds Are Engaged

Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds are engaged to be married after an 8-year relationship. Get the scoop.

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After 8 years of love and romance, Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds are engaged to be married.

Tracey shared the couple’s exciting news via social media on Valentine’s Day by sharing a throwback pic of them with the caption:

Happy Valentine’s Day Fam! Sending LOVE to MY LOVE/MY FIANCÉ @deionsanders! ❤️? God is SO GOOD! We’re 8 years in, made it through the storms TOGETHER, and will be spending the rest of our lives TOGETHER!

Thank you to our brother @revjahwar and our sister @tferg3! We love you two! Thank you for always being by our side! To all the couples out there… stay REAL with each other, LISTEN to each other, and MOST of all.. keep LOVE and GOD in your heart. When you do, you can make it through ANY storm! Spread LOVE and JOY on this day! ❤️#AlrightNow #528hz #tbt #beforeprimegothishairback

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Deion also took to the streets of social media to share his love for Tracey as well as his journey to becoming a better man.


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#Realtalk When you've seen so much mess,lying,cheating, stealing,manipulation,plotting, sabotage,ignorance,anger,jealousy,bitterness and hatred you're faced with options to let Go & let God or travel thru life enclosed in a CONDOM whereas u can feel pleasure but u can't get infected with any of the previous BULL JUNK i mentioned earlier. I clearly chose to Trust God while using my full body size Condom which ain't right by any means. What I'm really saying folks is the foolishness of Yesterday ain’t today so when u see the real thang and u know it's real,stop playing GRAB a hold of it & Secure it,Protect it,Love it,Cover it & Pray for it consistently. I've grown so much thru this journey we call life & at this age & stage I just want my Peace and someone to share it with along with all the blessings God has for me. @traceyeedmonds thank u for being you & having my back and loving me for ME not Prime but ME. You know I don't play with TIME or Certain words so when I say "I LOVE U THEN U BETTER BELIEVE I LOVE U BABY" and anybody that knows me knows I don't play about those 3 words. You made my yesterday memorable, my today unforgettable and my tomorrow Manageable regardless of what I face because of your presence. You're a real WOMAN BABY A GROWN WOMAN. The 1st time is saw u I knew u were it. If I could sing like @babyface I would start singing right now. LOLOLOLOL 1st time I came over. Lololol. 1 Truth @revjahwar @tferg3

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Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

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