Deceased Man's WIFE & GIRLFRIEND Post Dueling Obituaries In Newspaper

Deceased Man’s Wife And Girlfriend Post Obituaries

55-year-old Leroy “Blast” Black of Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, apparently had a lot of love to give. When he passed away from cancer on August 2, his wife and his girlfriend posted dueling obituaries in the newspaper.

The obituary posted by Leroy’s wife stated he “is survived by his loving wife, Bearetta Harrison Black.”

However, the obituary posted by Blast’s girlfriend made no mention of his wife and stated he was survived by “his long-tome girlfriend, Princess Hall.” (I need Ms. Hall to learn how to spell if she’s going to be messy.)

Joe Greenidge of Greenidge Funeral Homes told The Huffington Post Bearetta wanted the obituaries printed side-by-side. I supposed to blast Leroy in the afterlife.

Rest easy, playa! 

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